JAlexJessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander is a full-time photographer from Central Texas currently residing in Austin who specializes in commercial, wedding and sports photography. In her limited free time, she plays drums in the bands Bike Problems and Bounce House and also takes photos of bands for various local and national publications.

erinErin Baird

Erin Baird is a visual artist, designer, and professional hairstylist residing in Austin, Texas. Between cutting hair, freelance illustration, and staying fit, Erin keeps herself busy. Check out her blog!

JballardJeremy Ballard

Jeremy Ballard writes Giant Black Hole and experiments with digital audio at night; works at an ad agency during the day. He lives in Austin, TX. You can read and learn more about Giant Black Hole here.

drewDrew Beck

Drew Beck is a photographer, improviser, actor and designer living and working in San Francisco. He was on the Suggested User List on Instagram for a while but isn’t any more and now loses hundreds of followers a week. He is @drewbeck on Instagram and other social networks.

addisonAddison J. Billingsley

Addison J. Billingsley is a cartoonist and performer in Austin, TX. He can be seen improvising every Saturday night at 10pm at ColdTowne Theater. Find him on Facebook to contact him about any artwork jobs.

blantonBryan Blanton

Bryan Nelson Blanton is a visual communicator, and believes in the age-old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

placeholderVanessa Crook

Vanessa Motorhead Crook is a multi media artist who received her B.F.A. from the University of Texas. Her work is the product of her love of one-liners and firm irreverence. She does not (yet) have a website.

cjjFaceCarla Jean Jr.

Carla has a university background in architecture, which has afforded her a terribly modern job consisting mostly of manipulating lines on a computer screen all day. She prides herself in pursuing the free-spirited life by permanently “escaping” her hometown, despite her mother’s protests, and then promptly settling down in Austin, TX, having hardly moved an inch in the eight years since. She is more like her mother than she prefers to admit.

jlipmanJessica Lipman

Jessica is a critical thinker, writer, digital pedagogue and media instructor, with a professional and academic background that includes film and visual media, cultural theory, film festival programming, documentary filmmaking, and multimedia journalism. She recently earned an MA in Critical Studies from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She actively works in and volunteers in domestic activism, queer activism and media literacy. View more of her work here.

DiegoDiego McCafferty

Diego McCafferty lives in Los Angeles, with a cat.

Liz Moskowitz

Liz likes to work for nonprofits and works on social documentary projects through analog photography; two enthusiasms partly credited to being raised by two social workers in a 19th century clock factory-turned-co-op. She studied English and photojournalism at the University of Texas, lived in Hong Kong for a year, and returned to Austin, where she belongs, for now. See more on her website.

pappasPhill Pappas

Phill Pappas is the author of One Page At A Time: Getting Through College with ADHD. When he’s not traveling, Phill lives, writes, and performs in Austin, TX. Instead of working on his blog, he’s currently doing laundry.

patpPatrick Pryor

Patrick Pryor is a creative writing wizard residing in Austin, Texas. He currently slings pizza at people for a living, wrestles with a broken drum machine, and curates the South Austin Museum of Bad Art.

sarahschSarah Schmidt

Sarah was born and raised in Northern Virginia, taught by the wonderful illustration teachers of Savannah College of Art and Design, and she is currently creating and working out of Austin, Texas.

Stav Sela

Stav is an educator from Austin, Texas. She loves teaching and learning from her students, as well as occasionally drawing pictures of humorous things she and her friends say.

kwalsh1Katie Walsh

Katie recently received her MA in Critical Studies from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Critical Studies and will begin her PhD studies at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism in the fall. She also writes reviews, news, interviews and TV recaps for The Playlist, and about reality TV, food, and pop cultural ephemera for The Hairpin. Follow her on twitter for Bachelorette and Game of Thrones observations: @katiewalshstx.