CAP Issue 02

We did it! I am pleased to present to you, our faithful readers, our second entry into the cultural conversation: Issue 02.

In the developmental stages of this issue, we decided on a theme. The theme was intended to inspire potential contributors to produce content for the magazine, yes, but also to help steer the direction of the issue. CAP is still young — as the “Issue 02” title may have hinted — and we are constantly thinking of new ways of producing solid content from issue to issue. Of course, we are open to any suggestions you may have to help the magazine along the way.

What I found most interesting about introducing a theme in the call for entries was how people interpreted it. For this issue, the theme “consuming” was often misread as “consumption,” and perhaps that’s the idea behind introducing a theme in an open call. What meanings does the word conjure? How different is the verb from the noun, really? And aren’t stream-of-consciousness associations the point of providing a single-word prompt?

You’ll find the theme inspired a number of different types of pieces, from a short retrospective to a video-art installation. And you may also notice we weren’t so confined to a single word when deciding on content for this issue. What matters to us are these associations you have with the words and the images inside.

You came back for a reason. Feel free to take something while you’re here.

Editor in chief