by Shay Spaniola

Images invoking themes of memory, geography, and family, these images recall simultaneous relationship youth and aging.

Conrad: My brother Conrad was always one to live on the edge. Here he is peering over the Grand Canyon.

One with the Land: A self-portrait as a child, me as one with the natural landscape of the Southwest. Born and raised in the Midwest, I always knew I’d live in the South.

Easter Trees:Every year I had a special Easter dress. In the foreground, I sit on my grandmother’s couch, trying to be perfect. In the background, without inhibitions, I lived in a tree for the weekend with my stuffed animals.

Attic Witch: My grandma used to say the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and a witch lived in the attic. Every Halloween, the frames would fall from the living room wall from all the ruckus that resulted from that story. It was frightening until we later found out there was no Attic Witch.

Square Pillows:Everything was perfect in my midcentury-styled home, one year before I moved.

Mother: Moments of my mother’s happiness layered atop one another. Graduation, honeymoon, and quality time with her daughter.

Laurie LeVey:My mother pictured catching some sun on a hot day in Warren, Michigan. In the background, the snowy peaks of the West.

Grandpa LeVey: My grandfather was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his sixties. He became obsessed with small moments. He bought a dear statue at a garage sale one winter and decided to take photos of all his eight grandchildren on the deer—we did this every year until he passed.

Shay Spaniola is an Austin-based artist. She loves capturing beauty in unexpected places and doodling for hours on end. She finds inspiration in nature, mid-century architecture, and wanderlust. After graduating from the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design, she spent the year living in Spain and traveled with her camera to over thirty-five countries sharing her experiences. Upon returning, she worked on the visual team for Anthropolgie and as an Art Director for Golden Bones Boutique and Velvet Cartel events. She is currently designing a full line of home textiles for her latest company, Bunglo—opening this summer!