13 Nov

Inside the Realm

November 13, 2014

by Tyler Spangler
Portraying the truth but just blowing colorful smoke.

12 Nov

Museum of Natural History

November 12, 2014

by Tatiana Ryckman | Illustration by Kyle Butler
There’s a picture of zebras in my mother’s childhood bedroom. A whole safari landscape littered with striped horses. They’re not horses, I know. But dozens of zebras, all horse-like and glass-eyed, romping through that picture. It’s pasted like wallpaper over the nook where someone would end up sleeping over the holidays when we all drove in to Buffalo from Cleveland. There’s a pervasive and unacknowledged respect for zebras lingering among my sisters and I that I can only attribute to that giant photograph and everything those zebras saw.

11 Nov

Pineapple Pink

November 11, 2014

by Emma Hartvig
“I work to create my ideal world—not a place or something you can grasp, but the pleasure you get from looking at certain colors, shapes, or objects.”
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31 Oct

Fright Night at Decker

October 31, 2014

Audio by Feliks Garcia | Video by Nathan Smith and Austin Tolin | Photos by Patrick Bresnan
Decker Middle School’s fifth annual Fright Night is a monumental night of scares produced by 7th and 8th graders in the AVID program. Hear their story.

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