15 Nov

CAP: Issue 01

November 15, 2012

06 Nov

A Note From the Editor

November 6, 2012

CAP is the product of several brainstorming sessions aimed at figuring out ways to create a more engaging web publication in the age of rapid sharing, “TL; DR,” and the scrolling headline. We want our readers to engage with the text, examine the images, watch the television shows, and visit the sites mentioned in each […]

06 Nov


November 6, 2012

Words and Photos by Arthur Underwood On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy caused the New York City subway system to flood. The lines were shut down, the entrances hurriedly taped off with police tape; “CRIME SCENE — DO NOT CROSS.” With water pouring through the tunnels, New York—a city of people accustomed to nearly constant […]

05 Nov

Clyde Street

November 5, 2012

Words by Phill Pappas Illustration by Shea Cadrin My mother said I’d met Eddie at the swing set in Bannister Park when we were two years old. I don’t remember it. Anyway, he was like a brother to me. Eddie stayed with his uncle, Mike, just down Fulton Street about ten blocks north of my […]

04 Nov

Contemporary Art and Digital Readymades

November 4, 2012

Words by Etan Ilfeld Contemporary Art is constantly evolving and incorporating new artistic practices. It is only a matter of time before a novel technology is appropriated by an artist and utilized as a expressive medium. As a result, Contemporary Art is in a perpetual state of flux. ‘Contemporary history’ refers to the period in […]

03 Nov


November 3, 2012

photos by Liz Moskowitz Small, white wooden chapels scatter throughout the east side of Austin. These humble structures stand in contrast to larger-than-life places of worship, whose grandiosity is exemplified through the archaic Gothic architecture or the contemporary, suburban “superchurches.” Some of the chapels, with paint peeling in their old age, aren’t unfamiliar with the […]

02 Nov


November 2, 2012

words by Feliks Garcia | photos by Evan Prince

This summer, I spoke with a handful of female bodybuilders who were competing in the 2012 Naturally Fit Super Show in Cedar Park, Texas. The women I spoke with were professional and amateur, younger and older, mothers and grandmothers.

01 Nov

Preparing for the “Gagapocalypse”: J. Jack Halberstam’s Gaga Feminism

November 1, 2012

Words by Katie Walsh Illustration by Liesl Klinkerman “Welcome to the gagapocaplypse,” J. Jack Halberstam states in his most recent book, Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and The End of Normal, a work that engages in the theorizing of contemporary gender relations and their cultural narratives, and the practice of calling for a chaotic upending of […]

31 Oct

Life’s so Hard in Brooklyn: My Life as Liz and MTV’s Genre Evasion

October 31, 2012

Words by Jessica Lipman Illustration by Stav Sela My Life as Liz. It’s bubble gum meets Passion Pit meets displaced Brooklyn hipsterdom. It’s live-action kitsch Daria. It’s the reality version of My So-Called Life, except set in a substantially more media-conscious social sphere than that of the lovely Angela, Rickie and Rayanne. Teetering between narrative […]