Remember those days you just didn’t want to go to school? How did you get out of it? What did you do? In this first episode of The Sound, we share three stories about cutting, told with wisdom found only in hindsight.
Featuring stories by Feliks Garcia, Liz Moskowitz, Nick and Kevin Carpenter.

The Sound is an audio narrative project produced by Feliks Garcia and Nick Carpenter. Sound design by Soundnoodle.


Feliks Garcia is editor in chief of this publication.
Nick Carpenter was born and raised in the uncool part of New York. He interned for the State Senate Republicans there and didn’t die. Now he lives in San Francisco trying to get super rich creating non-fiction media. He’s associate producing a documentary about the soul singer, Syl Johnson. His podcast about atypical careers is called Is This Working?. His online radio show, Yesterdaydreams, is at