05 Oct

The Social Crimes of the Catfish

October 5, 2013

Catfish: The TV Show, while on the surface purporting to be a show about bringing people together, is really an opportunity for viewers to witness the exposure and embarrassment (and thus punishment) of someone guilty of the social crime of lying.

24 Jun

A/S/L to OKC : Online Dating from the 90s to Now

June 24, 2013

I was addicted to AOL chat rooms, spending hours in front of my Gateway computer talking to strangers and swapping fake photos. Don’t judge; you were doing it, too.

21 Jun

Bynes vs. the Lens in the Court of Celebrity

June 21, 2013

As much speculation as there is about Amanda’s hair and appearance, the person who actually seems to be pulling the strings here is Amanda herself.

03 Feb

And the Winner Is…

February 3, 2013

Perhaps, one day, the Oscar’s gender based awards will be based on the gender
performed rather than the gender of the actor or actress.