16 Oct

City of Coins

October 16, 2013

This year, Edwin, while bending down to feed his turtles, would collapse into his bathtub, Grandpa discovering him early the next morning, water still running, turtles clustered on the opposite side of the porcelain tub.

15 Oct


October 15, 2013

Manny had stared with cold indifference as he slowly but deliberately forced the wide blade into Sir Reggie’s chest, stopping only when the jewel-encrusted hilt reached bone.

06 Oct

An Afternoon at Gus Fruh Pool

October 6, 2013

Michael Tamlin skipped a rock across muddy water and thought, What a beautiful day to be me! A warm breeze ruffled his close cropped curls, streaked with gel and shimmering with the joy of lazy Saturday well spent.

03 Oct

Jellyfish, Grackles, or Ghosts

October 3, 2013

words by Carla Jean Jr. | illustration by Erin Baird

She had written about a jellyfish that was on a quest to meet the king of the ocean, a giant jellyfish that ruled over everything with its many long tentacles.

25 Jun

To Lose the Earth You Know, for Greater Coverage

June 25, 2013

Texting’s become a fairly trivial process: have an idea you need to communicate, but not verbalize; eschew email either due to its inherent air of professionalism or your relative distance from a laptop; keep under 160 characters; brace for response.

16 Jun

Crispy Nugs: The Untold 420 Chill Story of E.T. the Extraterrestrial

June 16, 2013

When E.T. landed in Humboldt County, his dewy saucer eyes glowed with the tinge of killer bud. The weed grew high and swayed in the chill night air.