06 Oct

AKA Dolphins

October 6, 2013

words by Phill Pappas

The newly granted rights of cetaceans exist mainly in their, “right to be left alone,” as in we, humans, should cease the killing and suffering of dolphins in any way, shape, or form.

16 Jun

Crispy Nugs: The Untold 420 Chill Story of E.T. the Extraterrestrial

June 16, 2013

When E.T. landed in Humboldt County, his dewy saucer eyes glowed with the tinge of killer bud. The weed grew high and swayed in the chill night air.

15 Jun

VaginAdvice: Addressing Your Vaginjury

June 15, 2013

So you’ve gone and lacerated your vagina. What now?

02 Feb

Certain Pathways

February 2, 2013

You are past the point of consuming media, news, sports, videos, movies, or re-runs
of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Top Chef, and, instead, screens are consuming you.