01 Oct

From the Editor: The Animal Issue

October 1, 2013

This issue explores this relationship through various media, from different points of view, and different interpretations of the word “animal.” So join us for the next 16 pages and let’s celebrate our shelled, scaled, furry, feathered, finned, and, yes, thumbed friends in CAP 04: The Animal Issue.

02 Oct

2 Poems

October 2, 2013

words by Franny Choi | illustration by Molly McClurg

“Mantis Shrimp (Order Stomatopoda): Lightning-fast predators with the most complex eyes in the animal kingdom. Their powerful limbs spear or club their prey using one of the fastest responses known to man. They can deliver a blow that is equivalent to the force of a bullet.” — BBC Science & Nature

03 Oct

Jellyfish, Grackles, or Ghosts

October 3, 2013

words by Carla Jean Jr. | illustration by Erin Baird

She had written about a jellyfish that was on a quest to meet the king of the ocean, a giant jellyfish that ruled over everything with its many long tentacles.

04 Oct

Epitoky, or Glowing Worm Sperm

October 4, 2013

words by Stephanie Martin | illustration by Ryan VonMinus

One of the rather quirky scientists started talking about how it was almost the last lunar quarter of the year, which triggers his favorite event, epitoky. “What is that?” I asked. His response, “Three words: glowing worm sperm.”

05 Oct

The Social Crimes of the Catfish

October 5, 2013

Catfish: The TV Show, while on the surface purporting to be a show about bringing people together, is really an opportunity for viewers to witness the exposure and embarrassment (and thus punishment) of someone guilty of the social crime of lying.

06 Oct

AKA Dolphins

October 6, 2013

words by Phill Pappas

The newly granted rights of cetaceans exist mainly in their, “right to be left alone,” as in we, humans, should cease the killing and suffering of dolphins in any way, shape, or form.

06 Oct

An Afternoon at Gus Fruh Pool

October 6, 2013

Michael Tamlin skipped a rock across muddy water and thought, What a beautiful day to be me! A warm breeze ruffled his close cropped curls, streaked with gel and shimmering with the joy of lazy Saturday well spent.

07 Oct

When Handimals Attack

October 7, 2013

The hands in these photographs are unexpected, cunning, and full of mischief and bloodlust.

08 Oct

Werewolf Joe

October 8, 2013

In the communal bathroom
on the fourth floor you can sometimes

hear Werewolf Joe whistling off-key
melodies by Warren Zevon…

10 Oct

Savages in Concert

October 10, 2013

We are all Savages.

12 Oct

The Peyote Gospel

October 12, 2013

Elephants get shitfaced, goats get tweaked out on caffeine, dolphins can use LSD to overcome PTSD, and cats go HAM over catnip.

13 Oct

Alaska Wild

October 13, 2013

Behold! The majesty of Alaskan wildlife!

14 Oct


October 14, 2013

The alchemists, curious characters, who combined aspects of proto-scientist, psychologist, student of the mysteries, and downright charlatan. Their goal was to transform the body and mind into something incorruptible and magnificent.

15 Oct


October 15, 2013

Manny had stared with cold indifference as he slowly but deliberately forced the wide blade into Sir Reggie’s chest, stopping only when the jewel-encrusted hilt reached bone.

16 Oct

City of Coins

October 16, 2013

This year, Edwin, while bending down to feed his turtles, would collapse into his bathtub, Grandpa discovering him early the next morning, water still running, turtles clustered on the opposite side of the porcelain tub.

17 Oct


October 17, 2013

words by Feliks Garcia | illustration by Stav Sela

Everybody handles loss differently. Some take up hobbies, some drink, some cry, and some bottle the pain to the point that it becomes prolonged denial.

19 Oct

Self Portrait as My Dachshund Max

October 19, 2013

Sometimes I try to make eye contact with my dog
and fail.

20 Oct

Issue 04 Contributors

October 20, 2013

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